If, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “two-thirds of Germany might contract the Coronavirus” (sixty million Germans), two-thirds of all humankind (5 billion people) will inevitably be struck as well; and, three percent or 150 million people, many 70 years or older will perish. “We are in a situation that is unusual in every respect and I would say more unusual than at the time of the banking crisis because we are dealing with a health problem, a health challenge for which scientists and medicine does not yet have an answer,” Merkel said (Reuters March 12).

We’ve seen this before,” says Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as reported in the Times of Israel. “The last threat to which the coronavirus could be likened,” he said, “was the Spanish flu, one of the deadliest epidemics in human history, which raged worldwide in 1918. Tens of millions [approximately 50 million] of people died from it,” he noted, “at a time when the world population was a quarter of today’s.”

Not a country on earth would be unaffected by the virus, it was advancing at ‘dizzying’ speed, and a vaccine was at best months away,” he warned, speaking gravely and with deliberation. It spreads slowly at first, “but then incredibly fast, suddenly, really in a day or two.” That, he said, was what had happened in Italy. That, he feared, was what now might be happening in Spain.

In ‘Despite Plagues and Famines … A Future More Worthy of the Human Person’, Saint Pope John Paul II challenges us to choose Trust not FEAR.

What matters most to the people of Israel Palestine? Just about all prefer to trust, not fear, the other. (*Page 22; Kindle Locations 266-268).

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