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The Bible says:

“destroy your enemies by becoming friends” (Matthew 5: 43 – 48). Let’s have tea and work toward a peaceful Israel-Palestine. If it’s possible there, it’s possible everywhere.

Mending Broken Hearts … A Welcoming Friend

How would Saint Pope John Paul II address the brokenhearted, affected by the killings of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor of recent days; and, BREAKING NEWS, Iyad Halek, the mentally-impaired and unarmed, autistic and innocent bystander...

The Promised Land … A Land Without Borders

10Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power … Unless you’re Spirit-filled, and I mean overflowing in His Spirit; and, unless you’re on fire, and I mean purified by fire; and, unless you can make God Look Good; and, I mean you share the Good News about the...

Children of God … All Roads Lead Home

Hang on to your hat, or should I say head! The world is changing fast. In our times, we’re beginning to see Jews, Christians, and Muslims marrying the other. God still sits on his throne.  In his 1985 historical breakthrough, ‘Address of His Holiness John Paul II to...

Christians, Leave Us Alone … God Make a Way

Can you handle “Calling a Spade, a Spade?” Most Evangelicals will need to swallow this bitter-sweet truth. Please hear me out. In ‘Trouble in paradise: ‘GOD-TV’ spat exposes tensions between Israel, evangelicals,’ the Times of Israel reports in its May 19th edition:...

A Race to the Next Stoplight … or Why the Rush to Nowhere?

“In the name of the One, who for love gave his life for the liberation and redemption of all men … ” exhorts Saint Pope John Paul II in ‘In Nicaragua with Christ in Peace,’ “I would like to give my contribution so that the sufferings of innocent peoples in this area...

The Walls Come Thundering Down …

Walls lock you in. Walls fence them out (*Page 84; Kindle Locations 1530-1531). Can you be a witness for Christ if they cannot see your voice? How do you shine your light when you’re walled up? You could try shouting from the rooftops. Who gives a hoot? Salvation is a...

Forgiving? Easier said than done!

You can go through the motions, even say, “I forgive you!” But do you mean it? Is it a commitment for life? Or, will it change to wherever the wind blows? Do you impose conditions – explicitly or implicitly, consciously or subconsciously – to fulfill your vow? Often,...

“… His Voice is Like the Sound of Many Waters …”

The “word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12) “… and his voice is like the sound of many waters”...

A Work in Progress …

“The greatest ‘resource’ for humankind is Christ, Son of God and Son of man,” says Saint Pope John Paul II in ‘Turn to the Creator … Build a Civilization Born of Truth and Love.’ “In him we discover the features of the new man, realized in all his fullness.”   But do...

Let My People Go … The New Normal

“Let my people go!” Heard that before? Pharaoh couldn’t let go. What happened? He and his men were sucked to the bottom of the Red Sea. And now, the strangest of twists. According to Pastor Steven Furtick, “it was easier for Pharaoh to let go of the Israelites than...

With Me You’re Never Blind …

In Saint Thomas Aquinas … ‘What Seems to Be’ to ‘What Is,’ Saint Pope John Paul II quoted Saint Thomas Aquinas as saying, “both the light of reason and the light of faith come from God, hence there can be no contradiction between them.”44 There are many truths in...

Call me Elohim …

Last time you said, “Call Me Time for Short.” Now, Elohim?  Wait! Give me a minute to finish this article. I’m on a roll. It’s about haphazardly jumping to conclusions with prejudice.  A Mouthful! You sound like a lawyer.  Elohim, what do you think: “before hurling...


Guest Blog

By Yumna Patel I February 3, 2020

Understanding the Trump ‘Deal of the Century’: what it does, and doesn’t say

 After years of anticipation that began on US President Donald Trump’s campaign trail in 2016, the “Deal of the Century” was finally unveiled last week to Israeli fanfare and Palestinian outrage.

The 181-page plan, complete with conceptual maps, proposed land transfers, and economic incentives, touched on a number of the critical issues surrounding the Israeli Palestinian conflict for decades.

Guest Blog

Twitter I April 22, 2019


RT 972mag ““Israel is increasingly restricting movement between Gaza and the West Bank so as to deepen the separation between Palestinians torn between parts of the occupied Palestinian territory,” according to Gisha_Access.


“the decision is based on political considerations…and the limitations are part of Israel’s “separation policy,” which seeks to widen the divide between geographically disconnected Palestinian

Guest Blog

By Benny Gantz I January 2, 2020

Israel needs unity, not immunity

Netanyahu should have assured Israel that the country is more important than any person’s job; instead, he is perverting the rule of law.

These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts” (Zachary 8:16).

Yesterday was a difficult day for the State of Israel. And a sad day for me, personally.
I spent 38 years in uniform, fighting for this country.  I went into politics because I care about the course that this country is taking. 


Guest Blog

By Steven Paas I April 9, 2019

Looking for the Brothers and Sisters of Jesus: Challenging the Ideas of Israelism (including Christian Zionism and Replacement Theology)

This article is meant as an introduction to Dr. Rob Dalrymple’s These Brothers of Mine, 1 The author of that book is a Presbyterian minister in California and a member of an Evangelical Network, which looks for peace and justice in the Middle East. The book contributes to the debate in the Christian world about the relationship between Israel and the Church. 

An Open Letter To My Fellow American, Civil Servant Jared Kushner

Guest Blog

By Sam Bahour I July 4, 2019

An Open Letter To My Fellow, Civil Servant Jared Kushner

From one American to another: Get out of the car. Go home.

The White House today finally released the much-anticipated economic plan of what the Trump administration has infamously coined “the deal of the century.” This release is being made days before the planned economic workshop called for in Bahrain on June 25 and 26. The Economic Plan is three parts: a website, which has an executive summarya 40-page narrative of the plan, and a 96-page detailed listing of the programs and projects of Peace to Prosperity. I just read them all.