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The region is home. Inside my soul and within all of my being, I am attached to the splendor of its many colors, their tints and hues; and, ALL my people. I understand intuitively why neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis will ever leave.

My story is the story of many Jews. We are blessed with diversity. That we are one immortal pure-race tribe, exclusively begotten from the seeds of Abraham is spiritual. Physically, it is improbable and genetically, implausible. Nonetheless, myths abound.

What is not mythical is that many indigenous Palestinians are more heritably linked to the Ancient Israelites than most European Jews who have wandered into the Region, seeking refuge from 1,900 years of persecution, especially after World War II. Historically, many Jews in the Diaspora descend from pagan converts into Judaism.

Will a shared identity prompt the ‘cousins’ to share the land? Is there another choice?

Let us move forward from a ‘conflict,’ through ‘co-existence,’ to an eventual ‘Israeli-Palestinian Thrust to Trust.’

Christian Zionism

  Enraptured Around a Golden Calf

Abraham A. van Kempen

It’s a love feast sharing this 196-page theo-geopolitical eye-opener expounded with compassion, common sense, and conviction; sprinkled with lots of personal anecdotes; and, amplified with 500+ quotations, excerpts and testimonials, including more than 150 biblical references.


                    ”… Israel has taken the wall from East Germany, apartheid and segregation from South Africa, and Native American reservations from the U.S. … proved to be no more than temporarily successful. 

           We met many who have resisted oppression and colonization with     determination — not violence — and who live lives in a constant state of distress. 

           … I encourage you to find ways to forswear your participation, whether overtly or complicitly (sic), in systems of oppression … what Jesus himself did.

           Our group visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, and we entered the tomb of Christ.

           Afterward, we said to one another, “Good News! It was empty.”

Jim Winkler
President and General Secretary

National Council of Churches

Meet Abraham

“How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony! (Psalm 133: 1 Good News Translation)”

The fabric of redemption is family, a big family. We are among brothers and sisters in faith. Are we a big happy family? Not really! Divergence comes from God. It’s His ‘middle name,’ Hayah Asher Hayah. Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks hits the nail on the head: “The Bible is saying to us the whole time: Don’t think that God is as simple as you are. He’s in places you would never expect him to be.

‘Hayah Asher Hayah’ is mistranslated in English as “I am that which I am.” But in Hebrew, it means “I will be who or how or where I will be,” meaning, don’t think you can predict me. I am a God who is going to surprise you. Don’t think we can confine God into our categories. God is bigger than religion.”

Trust God! Seek God’s wisdom. Listen to God’s voice. When you read scripture, let God speak to you. And give me the opportunity to keep you company from time to time. Please join my newsletter. Divergence stirs people of God to proactively build bridges toward convergence.