Is there a dark side of “Faith is sure of what we Hope for and Certain of what we do not see?” (Hebrew 11:1)

In their hearts of hearts, they believed. They were sure of what they’d hoped for and certain what they did not see. Elizabeth Dias and Ruth Graham report in ‘How White Evangelical Christians Fused with Trump Extremism’ that:

               “Lindsay French, 40, an evangelical Christian from Texas, flew to Washington after she had received what she called a ‘burning bush’ sign from God to participate following her pastor urging congregants to ‘stop the steal.’

               ‘We are fighting good versus evil, dark versus light,’ she said, declaring that she was rising like Queen Esther, the biblical heroine who saved her people from death.”

In ‘For Some Christians, the Capitol Riot Doesn’t Change the Prophecy: Trump Will Be President,’ Michelle Boorstein quotes televangelist Pat Robertson airing his prophecy on the Christian Broadcasting Network audience on 4 January 2021, the eve of two days of rallies in Washington:

               ‘“I believe something dramatic is going to happen before Congress votes on those electors.

               Something very dramatic that will change the outcome of that vote …

               the holy spirit will enter into this situation, and it’s going to be something very dramatic.’”

Are some modern-day prophets NEVER wrong?  

Could some be driven by a dark side of “Faith, is being sure of what we Hope for and Certain of what we do not see (Hebrew 11:1)?

               “Trump is part of God’s plan to restore Christian values in America, and he will win.”

               “Anyone who thinks this ends tonight is mistaken … you are still the president, and we need you to stay on the front lines, sir,” said one of Trump’s faith advisers, Prophet Mario Bramnick, on 7 January 2021.

               ‘We thank God for exposing and foiling all the plans of the enemy set against him. We affirm his lawful election and pray for four more years with Donald Trump as our President!’’ the 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, a 10,000-member Arkansas-based ministry that hosts weekly live prayer calls.”

               “And the charismatic queen of American prosperity gospel, Paula White, has been by Trump’s side through his presidency, overseeing his faith office. In November, a video went viral of White prophesying that God has dispatched angels from Africa and South America to help Trump achieve victory.”

Michelle Boorstein: “Leonard Guthrie Jr., a 48-year-old from New Jersey, said he feels certain if he had been able to pray that day outside the Senate chamber while the lawmakers voted inside, it would have changed their votes to finalize Biden’s win. “I wanted to be heard.” Instead, he was arrested.

Guthrie believes America’s problems began with the legalization of abortion, the removal of state-sponsored prayer from public schools, and with educational and cultural systems that, to him, emphasize America’s flaws. He sees a ruling class that can, in a day, remove the President of the United States from Twitter yet won’t do the same for the evils of child porn. Guthrie said,Wednesday was an appeal to heaven.’”

So, what is it all about? What do all believers want?

We all have an innate desire to seek God,” proposes Saint Pope John Paul II in Your Face, Lord, Do I Seek:

               “Your face, Lord, do I seek; hide not your face from me” (Psalm 27:8-9).

The Pursuit of Holiness, the Search for ‘Truth’

Based on my discussions with hundreds of well-meaning Christian Evangelicals, I can attest that most believe they’re pursuing a walk with Christ. Puzzlingly, many deflect their search for truth through political ideologies and doctrinal dogmas; all the while convinced they’re on the road toward holiness.

How does one pursue holiness? What can be done to make the family, the school, the workplace, the office, the villages, the cities, and finally, the whole country a dwelling-place of saints? Who can influence others by their goodness, their fidelity to Christ’s teaching, and the witness of their everyday lives and thus foster all people’s spiritual growth?

Saint Pope John Paul II proclaims that holiness:

               “Requires witness.

               Requires courage not to put one’s faith under a bushel basket.

               And in the end, it requires that in the hearts of believers, there should abound that desire for holiness, which shapes one’s private life and influences society as a whole.

So, time out! Shall we go back to the basics?

               Can we worry less about political ideologies and focus on our covenants with God and with each other?

               Let’s try to seek the face of God, that spark of divinity in each other and the other.

               While enveloped in His presence, let’s exercise “Faith, is being sure of what we Hope for and Certain of what we do not see (Hebrew 11:1)

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