In ‘The Uncertain Israeli Annexation Plans in West BankJonatán Soriano, writing for ‘Christian Focus,’ quotes Arie Kacowicz, professor at the Department of International Relations of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “The far-right asks for 100% of the territory and not 30%, and they are against the plan. There is also a legal, moral opposition from those who want a two-state solution and that Israel does not become apartheid South Africa”, says the professor.

According to Kacowicz, annexing 30% of the Jordan Valley territory, where around 2.7 million Arabs and 460,000 Jews live, “would be an important event in the history of Israel, because it implies the formal end of the Oslo process and the possibility of two states.”

But it would also be “a clear violation of international law, that would open the door to a binational state, whether it be democratic, secular or an apartheid regime, and it would change the current formal status of the territories, which favors Israel.”

BREAKING NEWS! As reported in ‘Dishing out Nutrients of Peace Smorgasbord-style…Nourishing Broken Hearts (Part 2 of 3)’:

                “When we asked Palestinians and Israelis to tell us what they think the long-term aspirations of their side are, the picture shows that the two sides perceive much more modest goals on their side than anticipated by the other side.

               Only 12% of Israelis say Israel aspires to annex the West Bank and expel the Palestinians living there; 18% Israelis say that Israel intends to add the West Bank without granting political rights to the Palestinians living there.”

Often, I wonder, what’s up with the Prime Minister? What’s he smoking? Why push annexation when most Jews prefer a real path toward an Israeli-Palestinian Thrust to Trust?

               “There is no rational explanation. It seems to be a whim of Netanyahu, a political maneuver to avoid other issues, such as his trial, or his need to leave a historical legacy after so many years in power”, explains Arie Kacowicz.

Soriano suggests:

               “Internal pressure; the voices of Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, who have criticized the decision; and international rejection, both from Middle East countries and from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, have limited an increasingly isolated Netanyahu in his desire to expand the Israeli territories.

               Additionally, Donald Trump’s backward step, focused for months on the run for the November presidential election, and the mass protests called against the Israeli Prime Minister, have just reduced the annexation options at the moment.”

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