In Saint Thomas Aquinas … ‘What Seems to Be’ to ‘What Is,’ Saint Pope John Paul II quoted Saint Thomas Aquinas as saying, “both the light of reason and the light of faith come from God, hence there can be no contradiction between them.”44

There are many truths in human life; mostly germinated from beliefs. Who would go through the trouble to verify truths? Who, in our modern world, has time? Most people prefer to have truths dished out to them. Who, for example, would critically evaluate the many scientific findings upon which modern life rests? Who would personally examine the incessant flow of information bouncing around from everywhere to anywhere? Who would re-forge the paths of experience and thought that have yielded the treasures of human wisdom? One who seeks truth, is also one who lives by faith, whether one knows it or likes it or not. Faith, in what? Often clueless of knowing what’s really going on, news junkies parrot the media. Mindless sheep follow mindless shepherds.

Who came up with the idea that “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see? (Hebrew 11: 1)”


If reason is a derivative of thought, faith is a product of reason. In His image, God has created us to think. Did the biblical Abraham tossed and turned and doubted God when God issued the decree to slaughter and sacrifice his son? You bet!

Even as Abraham traversed on the trail toward the altar, he must have fumed with rage; and, his son just smiled. Nonetheless, Abraham felt driven to walk on that humiliating path. He was, after all, a man of faith. Perhaps, he was going to plead grace from God.

This could be my story (my name is Abraham, too):

Abraham are you out of your mind? What do you think you’re doing”?

 “What do you mean, God. I’m building the altar to sacrifice my son.

Kill your own flesh and blood, my beloved creation?

“You told me to do it … so here I am, in faith, at your command”?

“I want you to be faithful, not stupid. Don’t you have a brain … can’t you discern what matters most … I created you to think!

Wait! Hold on God! Actually, and honestly this is the truth, it comes from my heart … I cannot fathom that you really want me to kill my son, ‘your beloved creation.’ I’m going through the motions – building and strapping my son on the altar, sharpening the knife. But I’m expecting a ‘NO’ from heaven. May I speak?

I know what’s coming … and, yes, your words genuinely come from your heart … So, let’s have it … spit it out, tell me

“The truth is, I sense you’ve led me here to reveal a bigger truth. In faith, I trust you. I am to learn something from this ordeal. What?”

You’re not so dumb after all. Your altar is not the altar on top of the mountain. Your altar is the path you walked toward humility. Faith complements humility (Hebrew 11:1).

  1. Deliberate everything with me – the good, bad, and ugly.
  2. Use your head. Question, scrutinize, review, and evaluate all things, especially the things you think I’ve revealed to you.
  3. Make sure the revelation comes from me.
  4. Seek consensus with others, especially from people whose opinions differ from yours.
  5. Expand your horizons on newfound foundations of truth … I am infinite.
  6. Faith is worthless unless you’re on the right track.
  7. With me you are never blind.
  8. Above all, DON’T KILL IN MY NAME!

God, give me a ‘for instance,’ something to sink my teeth in?

Remember, a few Sundays ago you heard a pastor herald my second coming with, “everyone on earth will see Jesus on their smart phones or on 24/7 cable news.” Absurd! If I want people to see me, they’ll see me even with their eyes closed. I make the blind see.

“… Truth eludes us as soon as our concentration begins to flag, all the while leaving the illusion that we are continuing to pursue it(*Page xii; Kindle location 65-68). You think you’re on the right road only to realize you’ve taken the wrong exit.

Seek God to get back on track! “With me you are never blind.


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