Daily we think and pray for our grownup kids and their colleagues who practice medicine and are at the frontlines doing their best, despite scarce resources, to keep the most vulnerable among us alive. I won’t belabor you with the details. What you hear or read is only part of the story.

Our social distance strategy will flatten the curve. It will also stretch the timeline, delaying the inevitable. The time delay will help us prepare for the onslaught on our intensive care units. We’re doing what we can to decongest the many roads to the ER so that our medical teams can handle the anticipated volume systematically.

Murphy’s Law suggests, if you’re going to get infected, you will. Thank God, most people will show mild symptoms, if any at all. Nonetheless, we are preparing ourselves to serve the few who need us the most.

That’s where you come in. We pray daily for everyone we know. Get ready for a long hot summer; possibly, a fierce cold winter. Don’t worry, God’s grace will shine through the dark clouds ahead.

Be available to one who is in need.

In ‘The Good Samaritan,’ Saint Pope John Paul II suggests that “availability supersedes ability.” Every Sunday, I share with you living words drawn from John Paul II. John Paul II is a pastor’s pastor. I am neither a pastor nor theologian; simply, a researcher and teacher. 


With every good wish to you, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Abraham A. van Kempen


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