Last time you said, “Call Me Time for Short.” Now, Elohim?

 Wait! Give me a minute to finish this article. I’m on a roll. It’s about haphazardly jumping to conclusions with prejudice.

 A Mouthful! You sound like a lawyer.

 Elohim, what do you think: “before hurling out accusations, sing hallelujah first; and, wait for the hosannas; get yourself spiritually prepared; then, ask questions … don’t presume and prejudge or get carried away into make-believe speculations; don’t accuse without merit!”

 That’s really a mouthful! Is this in reference to those two articles:  “What caused the coronavirus? A skeptical take on the theories about the outbreak’s Chinese origin,” and “Nearly three-in-ten Americans believe COVID-19 was made in a lab?”

 Yes! I got my new insights from the Book of Revelation. It’s the Book of Worship and Praise, Prayer and Preaching; and, Fellowship from the Heart. We overcome our problems with praise, pray, and worship and genuine fellowship with you and each other. That’s what the Apostle John teaches.

 I told John to write just that at a time when everyone left him for dead. Mind you, the Romans caged him on an island and threw away the keys. No one could have fathomed that my beloved disciple, though bound in chains, released himself spiritually from bondage. He allowed me to freely let my imagination flow into his – and everyone knows I’ve got an active, wild and infinite imagination. The Last Word is meant to provoke the first century churches and every church, thereafter, in any timeframe, everywhere.

 Wow! That’s a mouthful too. In all due respect, why bring up another one of your names. Isn’t Elohim the plural of Eloha (Hebrew) or Allah (Arab sound-alike of Eloha)?

 Elohim is also singular … notice, I didn’t say ‘Elohim are …’ I am the one God with all of me in one.”

Clarify please, what then is the difference between the names Eloha, Allah, Elohim, The Holy Spirit, the name above all names, Jesus Christ, etc., etc., etc?

 Would you take ‘NONE’ for an answer?



 You mean you’re one and the same?

The same! I am the one God, with names for many reasons and every season. I am the God who IS, who Was, and IS TO COME (Revelation 1: 4, 8). I am the Alpha and the Omega (the beginning of the Greek alphabet and the end of the Greek alphabet and all the words in between). I am the WORD. I am TIME, with neither beginning nor end.

 May I ask … I mean, I didn’t expect us to have this conversation while writing … you’re here to help me write my blog, right?

 I just want to make the point that when I created humankind, I had ‘us’ in mind; that is, we’re in this together. My special creations are like my bride, my eternal companions.

26-28 God [Elohim] spoke: “Let US make human beings in OUR image, make them
        reflecting OUR nature
        he created them [human beings] godlike,
    Reflecting God’s nature.   

        “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge!

    Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air,
        for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.”

       Genesis 1: 26-28 Message Translation

I sense there is magic in what you’re saying. What?

We’re in this together. You, me, and all of humanity. Don’t fix blame. Fix problems. Galvanize the world and work together. You’d be surprised where the solutions will come from and who will come out of the woodwork to help out. Love (trust) me and love (trust) each other and the other. I’ll make you a better and stronger people. So, stop the blame game. Take charge!

Yes! Amen! Thanks for coming through. I could never have written this article without you. Bless you, Elohim. Will Covid-19 change the way we resolve the defining issues in our times, facing all humanity, i.e., conflict and violence; economic inequality, climate change, shifting demographics; and, religious clashes, even though among the faithful, there is more convergence than divergence?

Can we get together again, sooner than later?

I’m always with you.

With every good wish to you, I am


Sincerely yours,

Building the Bridge, The Hague


Abraham A. van Kempen

Senior Editor


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