Explain to me why only those who are symptomatic of Covid-19 should be tested and not those who are asymptomatic?

Will the test results help make you feel better?

Frankly, most doctors don’t need diagnostics to know what to do if someone comes in feeling rotten; fatigue, totally exhausted, wither or without a high temperature; or, with the worst possible sore throat, like having a double-edged razor blade cutting through the bronchioles; or even worse than that … trouble breathing with a dry cough. The symptoms tell all. Admit them, especially those with pre-existing conditions no matter how old. Lab tests follow.

Most people who infect others initially don’t know they’re infected. When you know you’re infected, you’ll be more careful not to infect others.

Now that the world is under siege, we must arm ourselves for battle. EVERYONE should be tested, especially those with NO symptoms. Knowledge is power. We still need to understand what we don’t know.