Neither! Many are at the forefront pulling the ropes in the gut-wrenching tugs-of-war called ‘democracy.’ Yes, help make this world become a better place. Vote for the candidates who befit your conscience, to  underpin Julie Zauzmer’s, ‘Evangelicals aren’t turned off by Trump’s first term — they’re delighted by it.’ But in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, can those who are politically active become less predatory?

Predatory? Everything one says or does has a ripple effect; for good, for bad, or for ugly.

It’s one thing to propose. It’s another to impose and make people feel less human. Be Christian! Anti-Christian connotes being ‘holier than thou;’ sitting on a high horse in judgement of others; repulsive and intolerant; ignorant and arrogant. Err on the side of the Golden Rule and love your neighbor; your enemy; with humility. Walk the talk! Silence is Golden, too.

Let go! Let God! For example, surrender Israel to God ( God knows best. He needs neither help nor hindrance restoring Israel to become the ‘light among nations’ (Isaiah 49: 6).

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth, says:

“When Moses asks God, ‘Who are you?’ God replies, ‘Hayah asher hayah.’

In Hebrew: ‘I will be who or how or where I will be,’ meaning, don’t think you can predict me.

I AM [God]. I will surprise you.”  (*Page 160; Kindle Locations 3228-3234)

To change the world, first change yourself; with God.


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